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The answers don’t matter


At some point in our 4 months together, there is always a discussion about the grief support practitioner’s role. Is it okay to give advice? What is it that people are really coming to us for and hoping to get out of our time together? Is it okay if we too are struggling with aspects […]

Exploring the parallel universe of loss and grief


A case study One client – experiencing his first significant loss – described his grief experience as a kind of parallel universe he’d been transported across to. We’ll call him Anthony. Everything from Anthony’s old life was there in the parallel universe. Well, almost everything. His dear furry companion Bailey was no longer there to […]

This isn’t the Grief Olympics


We’ve all come across the “Grief Olympics” at some point in our personal or professional experiences of grief support. The grief olympics is based in a myth we here at The Creative Grief Studio call “the Hierarchy of Loss.” The Hierarchy of Loss involves societal and cultural ratings and comparisons of different kinds of losses. […]

Spotlight Interview: Connections between empathy and creativity with Seung Chan Lim


We discovered Seung Chan Lim when Brene Brown posted his Realizing Empathy video on her blog. That led us down a rabbit hole of his work where we found a kickstarter campaign for his book, Realizing Empathy, that is now published. Our interest was piqued. Seung Chan – also known as Slim – is a […]

Nobody grieves alone


One of the uncontroversial ideas you’ll find across many different approaches to grief support is the idea that social support matters. When grievers feel connected to and supported by others, their grief outcomes are better than those who typically struggle most in their grieving with feeling abandoned, alienated, and alone in their grief experiences. Not […]

Guest Post: Re-Membering, Creativity and Ritual by Deb Brandt

Re-Membering, Creativity and Ritual by Deb Brandt

A celebration of life or memorial service can be the starting place for initiating the re-membering process. While elements of ritual are essentials so is tapping into creativity. There are many ways to re-member, honor, celebrate and hold space for a grieving family as they say goodbye to their loved one. Introduction to re-membering In […]

Podcasts: Spotlight Interview with Carol Miller, LCSW

Spotlight Interview with CGS Practitioner Carol Miller, LCSW

Introduction When we heard that Creative Grief Studio Certified Practitioner Carol Miller, LCSW, was going to be featured on a podcast talking about her personal and professional experiences, we decided to take a few mintues to interview Carol about her podcast experience. After you read her thoughts on podcasts, be sure to click through and […]

Exploring grief experiences within their kinship systems

Exploring grief experiences within kinship systems

Our clients may sit in our office just one at a time, but if we listen carefully, the office is full of people. So many people, often talking over each other, arguing for different points of view. Your client can hear them, and often these conflicts and crowds of voices are a big source of […]

What works when it isn’t working?

What Works: creative prompt ideas for being in practice

It’s so important for us as grief support practitioners to experience what it’s like to be the client of a grief support service. There’s so much we can learn about how to approach our work as grief support practitioners with respect and humility, when we sit in the position of client. And hopefully, you’ve had […]

Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner, Sofia Plonski, says…

“The Creative Grief Studio course has helped me develop new skills for my professional and personal life. I have learned ways to be more compassionate, to accept and respect emotions and feelings, and to learn how to help others through difficult challenges in their lives. I would do this course a thousand times, and after […]