Silence that kills, illustrations that bring new life, and grieving the loss of sex

We love to share with you the articles and other grief resources we find useful or inspirational. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed recently…

Silence is killing men

Grief support practitioners are familiar with the skewed ratio of men to women who are seeking out grief support. This article talks about some of the reasons why men don’t talk about or seek support for their mental health, and the devastating repercussions of this. It’s quite clear that many of our genderised social scripts are culpable for the increasing suicide statistics amongst men.

Are you raising the topic of gender with your grieving clients, and asking them about the gender scripts that might be hindering their ability to connect with others, to ask for help, or to express their grief?

Animator illustrates his grief journey after his wife’s death

We’re all for using creativity in the expression of grief, and especially when grief might be just too difficult to give words to. So we absolutely loved this story of a husband and father who captured his grief journey through a series of beautiful animations. What a lovely way to explore and express his grief, re-member his wife, and document for his children the significance of their mother’s life!

What might it be like if you shared this story – and the beautiful animations – with some of your clients? Could this open up the possibility of a creative way for them to document the changing grief over time?

Grieving the loss of sex

Death and sex! With two taboo subjects, is it any wonder that the topic of grieving the loss of sex after a sexual partner or spouse has died is so rarely acknowledged and addressed? And yet sexual intimacy and physical sensual experience and expression is such a vital part of being human.

Are you talking about sex with your clients who are grieving the death of a beloved spouse? If not, what’s silencing that conversation?


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