What is the Creative Grief Studio?

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What is the Creative Grief Studio and how will it support my professional development?    

At the Creative Grief Studio we offer specialized grief certification and training for counselors, coaches, support group facilitators and a wide-variety of other helping professionals through our 4-month, online interactive program. 

We do not view grief as an illness or brokenness. We’re doing it differently.

Grieving people don’t need grief experts. We train creative, flexible, humble, and respectful grief support counselors and coaches. We center our attention on the clients’ experiences, needs and resilience as they face their losses and bereavement.

Through our online grief support practitioner training we help you create conversations with your clients as equals; conversations which hold theories loosely in favor of centralizing a client’s experience, voice and choices. These are brave conversations that ask both client and practitioner, as equals, to reflect on their biases and prejudices. Conversations that support clients to craft their own preferred way of living with or after great loss.

Creativity is a core value for the program. 

We aim to prepare you to work with your clients by listening deeply to understand their values, skills and areas of resilience. We approach that through a combination of creative conversation and art-making tools that we call heARTmaking. The possibilities for creative approaches to grief are as diverse and many as the ways in which we grieve so we help you learn to tap into that rather than providing prescriptives. 

The goal for working with grieving clients: meaning making…

Grieving and making meaning after loss is something we do together. In the Creative Grief Studio we are passionate about conversations and creative activities that create a sense of belonging and connectedness, agency and hope, and we know that we can create that together.

What type of loss is included in the program?

Our online creative grief certification program provides training in contemporary grief support approaches that are richly backed by research and offers reflective, imaginative and enjoyable ways to help your clients create meaningful pathways through loss. Our coursework focuses on material relevant to the full range of types of loss, not only the death of a loved one. 

How will I benefit?

As a participant, you will gain a modern understanding of grief experience, amass a toolkit of art-based experientials to use with clients and to better grasp how to create your own grief-support tools. Grief is an organic and personal experience for each person who has experienced a loss. Our goal is to prepare you to be present for the griever in front of you, to give you the ability to allow ambiguity but to also equip you with the resources you will need to explore the grief experience with your clients. In this course, you are likely to have both a personally and professionally reflective experience on loss.   

Find Out More About The Certification in Creative Grief Support. 

If you wish to become certified as a creative grief specialist or are looking for fresh perspectives and new, highly creative ways to enhance your grief support practice, including how a social justice lens can enhance your practice and clients’ experiences, the Creative Grief Studio Practitioners Program is for you! We have a 20-minute video introduction that you can watch to learn even more that can be found here: Creative Grief Support Certification (creativegriefstudio.com) 

How To Apply

We accept a maximum of 20 participants per session to maintain the intimacy of the exploration. Applications remain open throughout the year and we are reviewing them for our next session right now. You can find a complete summary of the program and apply at CreativeGriefStudio.com. If you have further questions, you may email admin@creativegriefstudio.com. We hope you will plan to join us! 



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