Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner Deb Brandt says…

“The content was thorough, compelling, revealing and intriguing. Completing the training has provided me with resources, practices and tools through which I have grown and look forward to encouraging future clients.

“This course has been fruitful on many fronts: from challenging my thinking about how I language the process of grief with myself and my clients to using the tools and experiencing their transformative nature. This has been an affirmation of my own journey as well as helpful as I consider working with others in their process. 

“I also deeply appreciated the reflection on resilience and transformation. Resilience has become a much more expansive idea for me and I love that! Finally, I have found the content to also affirm and name things I have intuitively known or previously discovered.

Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner & Certified Funeral Celebrant, Deb Brandt

If this sounds like an online learning experience you’d like to have, check out our Certification in Creative Grief Support.


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