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We know that you really want to be good at what you do, and make a difference in people’s lives. If you want to be a highly effective helping professional, it’s vital to understand grief. Grief is powerful and it can really get our clients “stuck” in the midst of change – even when it’s changes they really want!  
Whether you’d like to specialize as a coach who offers grief support, or you’re wanting to learn how to help your clients, whatever your niche, to transform their grief so they can achieve their work and life goals, our course is for you … especially if you and your clients would like to feel the sense of agency, hope, and belonging when you work together. 
So many coaches, and even experienced therapists who’ve taken our CERTIFICATION IN CREATIVE GRIEF SUPPORT course, tell us that one of their favorite things about our course is the sense of freedom and delight they’ve found both in their approach professionally and in their personal lives. 
Maybe you’re surprised to hear this about a course focusing on grief support? Isn’t grief support a depressing niche? Well, not at the Creative Grief Studio!

Did we mention that we use CREATIVITY? 

Creativity brings movement, life, energy, play, and possibility to our thinking and actions. It relaxes us, it affirms agency and a sense of “I can do and I can make!” and it builds self-esteem. For both coach and client, creativity brings beauty, fun, and delight to your work together.
We suspect that the sense of freedom and delight they tell us about may also have something to do with our counter-culture style. You see, we’re not into recipes for success or copy-paste coaching sessions. We take a strong stand against many popular social ideas, and even some long-established psychological theories that pathologize grief or suggest that grief looks a certain way and there’s a “normal” or “right” way to grieve and a “normal” or “right” way to make a great life. Good grief! There are so many ways to craft a great life after loss! 
Especially when you get creative.


There’s a lot of robust grief research these days from which we can glean great ideas (and I promise, we’ll share lots of it with you in this program!), but what our students – and no doubt also their clients – find MOST LIBERATING, is that we’re teaching an approach that is deeply affirming of each individual’s unique life experiences, knowledge, skills, values, creativity, hopes, and dreams. 
Our students learn how to use their own creativity and wisdom in their work, and how to be grief support practitioners who help people to develop the skills and the courage to craft their own lives after loss. Lives that are true to their unique values and hopes.
We can imagine too, that the sense of freedom and delight that our students speak of could come from the self-assuredness that develops as they explore and transform their own grief through experiencing creative “heART-making” activities themselves. 
There is freedom and delight too in the curious and humble approach that we teach, which will expand your ability to tolerate ambiguity, complexity, and mystery. A sense of belonging and connection develops in our intimate classes of no more than 20 people, all appreciating each other’s unique experiences and perspectives. All of which further bolsters feelings of freedom and delight!

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There’s so much more we’d love to share with you about grief, creativity, social justice, agency, belonging and hope … and the freedom and delight that you and your clients can have. Oh, and there’s the nitty gritty practicalities of the course dates, the price, the curriculum plan, and more. And Kara does share more in the video at the top of this post. Additionally, please also see our Program page to find out more about becoming a Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner.
Our classes run twice a year, Spring and Fall each year. So send us your application to join our next class. And of course, please feel free to drop us a line if you’d like to chat further about joining us for 4 months of juicy, rich, beautiful learning together, so that you too can have that sense of freedom and delight in your coaching work.


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