Holiday gift: a photography challenge

Sometimes in the face of grief experiences, we can continue on with whatever holiday traditions we’ve celebrated in the past. But sometimes, this new life in the face of loss pushes us to create new traditions, pushes us to find new ways to express the ranges of emotions we go through during the holidays.

How to participate in the holiday grief photography challenge

We invite you this season to explore making and re-making the meanings and expressions of the holiday season with our photography challenge. A photography challenge is a short term, community offering where we, as the hosts, offer you topic ideas each day for what to photograph. You can interpret the topic ideas in any way you like though, literal or metaphorical. You can take any type of photo, macro or landscape or selfie or whatever you like. You can be as creative as you want with a photography challenge.

Once you capture the image you like in response to the topic idea, you are additionally invited to post that image online, particularly on Instagram, using a specific hashtag. We will be on our own Instagram account looking out for those hashtags so we can highlight shares and be in communication with participants. The public share part is entirely optional.

Join and share your photos

So, to reiterate, you are welcome to just do this on your own as a form of self expression, but you are also welcome to share with us over on Instagram using the hashtag #CGSHolidayPhotos as way to share in community, too. Take these basic concept prompts and use your camera to capture your grief experience throughout this holiday season.

Click the image below to get the full size PDF for printing.

Holiday photography ideas to prompt heARTmaking, including the words candles, shared meals, ornaments, cuppa, song, gifts, tree, ritual, star, cookies, selfie, donation


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