Certification Details


After completing the course, you have the option to apply for Certification as a Creative Grief Support Practitioner.

You are invited to apply for Creative Grief Support Practitioner Certification any time following your completion of our online grief practitioner training coursework.

The Creative Grief Studio’s course materials provide full details about how to apply. There is no deadline for registration or submissions for certification assessment. 

Our Certified alumni receive:
    • A listing on our site at CreativeGriefStudio.com, including a link to your website.
    • A certificate and badge to confirm your certification, which you may display in your office, on your website, on your business stationary or course materials, etc.
To Apply for Certification as a Creative Grief Support Practitioner

In brief, you will submit a small portfolio demonstrating your skills, to include a recorded Remembering Conversation and your own self-created and client-tested Creative Grief Tool. Your tuition fee for the course must be paid in full before we will assess your certification materials, and there are no requirements to renew your certification annually.

Any Alum who completes the full 4 month Certification Course, whether working licensed as counselor / social worker etc or unlicensed as coach / facilitator etc, is invited to submit materials for assessment. 

NOTE: Certification as a Creative Grief Support Practitioner confirms that you’ve taken our training and demonstrated skills in the approach we teach at an acceptable level. Our certification does not enable you to call yourself or your service by any of the registered or licensed professional titles, including (but not limited to) “Art Therapy/ Therapist”, “Social Work/er”, “Psychologist”, “Counselor”, “Therapist”. If you certify with us and do NOT have any additional professional training or licensing, then you may call yourself a “Creative Grief Support Practitioner” and your service “Creative Grief Support”.

I loved having the practical insights into tools, and conversation and presence building. I also appreciated the extra resources and tools that are shared. These are things we can refer back to and use forever more – even if they don’t all sink in or get read the first time around.

Kate Durie

Creative grief practitioner in training

My work with women and children survivors of domestic violence was enhanced by the Creative Grief Studio course work. I was able to apply so many practices and learnings when working with the loss and grief experienced by residents at Harbour House.

Katherine McCarron

Retired, Executive Director Harbour House transition shelter

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