Existential pain, isolation, and prison hospice

There are so many great resources online exploring various aspects of grief experiences and showing how creativity can be a useful approach. Here are a few we’ve found interesting…

The pain of existence

An appreciation for dark humour often emerges during grief. This little cartoon made us chuckle. There are days when grief can feel this way.


When grievers end up alone

We emphasize the importance of community and a sense of belonging throughout our Certification in Creative Grief Support because this is a topic where the research is uncontroversial in finding that grievers do better after loss when they have social support. This bereaved mother says, “My grief was marked by a deeper isolation than I’d ever known.”
How do we as grief support practitioners work to help our clients to stay connected and to find new connections? And how could we be involved in educating the general population about how to be with and support each other through grieving?


Convicts who care for dying prisoners

Dying can be hard no matter what kind of life you’ve had. And what if you’ve had a particularly difficult life? How much harder then? We found this article about prisoners offering care for other dying prisoners so thought-provoking and moving. As we reflected on what it might be like to be dying in prison, knowing that you’ll never experience life outside of prison again, we imagined that this could be a time of deep regret and pain. And we wondered what it might be like to be a fellow prisoner, caring for another dying prisoner, witnessing and even being a part of this time of great suffering. And we got to thinking about the incredible resourcefulness it must take to be able to stand being in either pairs of those shoes… and what could we as creative grief practitioners learn from them?



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