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Facilitating Re-membering Conversations When Relationships Were Challenging, Abusive, or Troublesome, or When the Death Was Challenging

Taught by Dr Lorraine Hedtke (MSW, LCSW, Ph.D. & Author), this self-study, on-demand, online course is available for you to register and enjoy ANY TIME.

Drawing from narrative therapy, re-membering conversations are a conversational way to facilitate comfort for people who are grieving the death of a loved one, by making meaning that is supportive. Often, this means relocating stories so the deceased continue to have a place in the on-going lives of the living. However, when relationships are complex, painful or even abusive, we need to create a different kind of support for those who are grieving. This is also true when the nature of the death was very difficult.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • How re-membering conversations are positioned in contrast to traditional ideas of “closure” in historical grief psychology literature.
  • What new grief psychology research and philosophical stances include re-membering conversations.
  • How conflicted relationships with our deceased might contribute to a more difficult course of grieving and meaning making after loss.
  • How challenging or traumatic death events may be silenced and stigmatized, resulting in greater difficulty in grieving and meaning making.
  • How these kinds of re-membering conversations need to be facilitated differently from re-membering conversations when the relationship and death event did not include trauma.
  • A video example of how to help clients talk about mixed feelings, unanswered questions, and other troubling experiences in grieving, and how to make meaning and find comfort when living with these kinds of losses and grief.

This is a self-study, on-demand class, so when you complete your registration, you’ll immediately have access to the online classroom and receive:

  1. A recorded lecture, by Dr. Hedtke, covering the theory and basic ideas, skills, and kinds of questions that these kinds of re-membering conversations are constructed from.
  2. A set of slides that accompany Dr. Hedtke’s lecture.
  3. A video of Dr. Hedtke facilitating a re-membering conversation with a client who is talking about her grandfather who chose to end his life. You’ll get to see how this kind of re-membering conversation could look in a real-life conversation.

Registration fee: $65 USD



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