Thank you all so very much!

Thank you all so very much + Happy New Year with abstract background

Thank you all so much and a very Happy New Year!

All of us here at The Creative Grief Studio are sending out a huge Thank You to all of you who have been participants in our courses, readers on our blog or social media, or who have just been in touch with us in any way over the years. We can’t believe time flies so fast and we are entering our 9th year of being in this world. 
We are incredibly grateful to the 200+ of you who have become alumni of the Grief Support Practitioner Certification program, for everything you gave as you participated and for everything you continue to do and be in our alumni community, too. And we are very much looking forward to doing two new sessions in this new year as we meet more and more of you who are interested in this kind of creative approach to grief work.
We are also grateful to the hundreds of you who have downloaded our Creating Through Grief eBook and send a special thanks to all of you who have followed up after using the book to tell us how much it has meant to you. We hope to have more eBooks for you in the coming years.
Thank you also to all our Teaching Team and Guest Faculty and Content Contributors who have made our Certification Course experience so incredible for participants. All your words, art, and support have enhanced the first visions we had, and we have much gratitude for your continued presence in our heARTwork.
Here’s to this new year 2020 and continued growth and exploration for all of us! 


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