Knitting, cemetery picnics, and eco-friendly deaths

Another few articles we loved finding online! We are so inspired by all the creative exploration…

Knitting for your life!

We encourage any and all kinds of creativity in our Certification in Creative Grief Support. As far as we’re concerned, enjoyment is enough reason to pursue any kind of art-making that you enjoy, but it is great to also read about studies like this one that reported that the craft of knitting is associated with lower rates of depression, anxiety, social isolation, and chronic pain. We bet that they’d report similar physical and mental health benefits to just about any kind of art-making though. What do you think?

What kinds of creativity and art-making materials are you introducing your clients to, or being introduced to by your clients?

Picnics in the cemetery

How could we not read an article that starts with, “For a time, eating and relaxing among the dead was a national pastime.”?! Go ahead. You know you wanna…

Do you reflect on the role of societal norms and culture in the grief experience with your clients? What ideas have changed that people no longer commonly go and picnic in the cemetery? And what else does this change in ideas possibly affect in the grief experience?

Death rituals that honour personal values

When your clients have the time and warning to be able to plan their own death rituals, it can be incredibly healing for them when they can create death rituals that acknowledge and express their personal values. When your clients have a strong value for caring for the environment, do you have resources you can point them and their families to, to help them with ideas for creating eco-friendly death rituals? Here’s a nice article to inspire…


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