Illustrating grief, trauma, healing, and donating vision after loss

We love to share with you the articles and other grief resources we find useful or inspirational. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed recently …

Illustrating the grief experience

Grief (and our support needs after loss) can be so different from one person to the next, and from one loss to the next. We thought these sweet illustrations of one woman’s grief experience are quite lovely, and perhaps a fun prompt for inviting your client to draw their own little cartoons, doodles, or illustrations of their own grief experience and support needs.

Illustrating trauma and healing

Here’s another lovely example of a person who chose to illustrate their experiences of trauma and healing. We found these words so evocative, and ripe for further creative exploration: “Sometimes this is what healing looks like: walking through the world with the wilderness forever inside you, invisible.”

Stillborn baby’s organ donation brings meaning to bereaved parents

Couples who are told that the baby they’re carrying has a fetal anomaly that’s terminal or painful face such a difficult series of decisions, all of which bring loss and grief and demand significant courage. This couple chose to carry their dying baby girl to term, rather than terminating their pregnancy, in the hopes that she could donate her organs. It’s not the right decision for everyone, but it’s a decision that’s clearly been very meaningful to these grieving parents, and no doubt completely changed the life of the person who received baby Eva’s eyes, as well as all the future organ donations that this family paved the way for.


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