Finding Community at the CGS Happy Hour

As we navigate our busy lives and work as grief support practitioners, it can be a challenge to connect with others who share similar perspectives. But for those of us who regularly attend the Creative Grief Studio’s First Friday Happy Hour, we are lucky to have found a place where we can be ourselves and feel truly understood. We are hosting the community, yes, but we get out of it just as much as we put into it.

Co-host, Lori Boyer (MT-BC and Creative Grief Practitioner), offered her perspective, “It’s pure joy at the end of week to log on and see friendly people who can relate in a deep way to my week. People who have held space for hard and hopeful stories. People who regularly tap into creativity to help give their clients (and themselves) some emotional and physical relief. People who yearn to offer more to the world. There’s a sense of immediate belonging, welcome and happiness to see one another and some really practical information shared. There’s also a sense of safety and community that I truly value. I’m looking forward to the next one!”

In this virtual space, offered on the first Friday of every month at 1:00 PM Pacific / 4:00 PM Eastern, the benefits go beyond emotional support. The active discussion leads to a sharing of practical information and resources and provides an outlet for self-expression for our frustrations and joyful experiences with this work. For many of us, it is a way to stay in touch with our peers, sharing that sense of belonging and understanding that we are not alone.

We look forward to the upcoming gatherings on Friday, February 3rd and beyond. We hope you will join us for these chats and are sure you will find them as supportive as we have. You can sign up here: Monthly Happy Hour for Death + Grief Workers ( There is no fee to attend, but you need to register to get the Zoom links each month. 

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