Is this course for personal or professional development?

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Please note that any dates mentioned in the video are not necessarily relevant now as we run the course consistently twice a year and read applications on a rolling basis year round. So if you “missed” the dates mentioned, it’s not a big deal. You can still do an application today to apply for a seat in our next upcoming Spring or Fall session.

We’re moving all our content in-house here to our Articles. We’ve watched one too many social media platforms implode, so while we’ll continue to use those for marketing purposes, whenever we create anything that is actual content, we’ll now share here. This vlog was originally on Tik, so the captions are embedded if you need those. This vlog was in reply to the FAQ asking:

Is the Certification in Creative Grief Support program more about personal or professional development?

Thanks for your great questions! Email us here if you have other questions you’d like to see us answer or if you want more follow up information.


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