Social injustice and grief, and the strength of African grandmothers and Welsh mountains

We love to share with you the articles and other grief resources we find useful or inspirational. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed recently …

Black mothers and their babies in the USA

Across the 4 month journey of our Certification in Creative Grief Support, we discuss the numerous ways that grief and trauma intersect with social justice themes to create experiences of loss and grieving that differ widely, depending on a person’s social location. This important article discusses the experiences of Black women and babies in America, raising the critical role that racism plays in increased death rates amongst Black women and their babies. Essential reading, especially for those of us who work in large organisations.

Grandmothers in Zimbabwe provide mental health care

Here’s another example of the way that social injustice intersects with people’s grief experiences and the support that may or may not be available to them: Dixon Chibanda is one of only 12 psychiatrists practicing in Zimbabwe, a country in Africa which has a population of over 16 million people. Listen to him share about his creative approach to serving their large population by training grannies to offer mental health support in their communities. What a beautiful way to honour the wealth of wisdom and perspective that elders have developed while serving those who need support!

The emerging field of “Eco-therapy”

It’s so interesting to see the increasing recognition for the many different ways that people find comfort and inspiration during dark times. As part of an eco-therapy offering, this project takes the therapeutic experience into the foothills of beautiful Snowdonia in Wales.


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