It’s a practice, not a perfect…

Artful colorful collage in pink, blue, yellow hues with shapes like hands, hearts, circles, stars, and more. Text across it reads, It's a practice, not a perfect.

Those of you who have taken our Certification course have heard one of our co-founders, Kara, say this many times: “It’s a practice, not a perfect.” Kara has been creatively exploring using social media platforms themselves to create art as a way of subverting the capitalist tendencies of these platforms to focus only on transaction. Using the tools offered in things like Stories and Reels, as well as editing capacity of Canva, she’s been making short films that have some relational, rather than transactional, aim. This one in particular is the reminder she offers us often, but also one she talks about having a huge influence in her own experience of the world. She has told many of us before about the story of where the phrase came from and offers it here:

“Grief is messy. Being a perfectionist means grief is absolute chaos because it blows your world to bits. After my son died, I was completely incapacitated because I couldn’t fix things or get it ‘right’ and so why bother to do or try anything. A good friend of mine named Mekosun was the one who looked me in the face and said, ‘Hey! It’s a practice, not a perfect!’ And that sunk into the very cells of my body. It even had an influence on how we created the Creative Grief Studio. We purposely talk about our alumni being Practitioners rather than coaches or other titles they may hold because we want us all to be reminded that we are not the experts here. We are in practice. Ongoing practice. And our clients are the experts on their lived experiences. It shifts the whole intention of how we each bring this Creative Grief Support heARTwork to the world.”

We’ll bring you a few more of Kara’s animations in coming months, but as a start, here’s her It’s A Practice, Not A Perfect video from her Tiktok account:



♬ Practice – Marcato & Tiny Toon


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