Lastin Words book by Claire B Willis

101 Rainbow Ribbons
by Linda Colletti

101 Rainbow Ribbons is soft and tender story of a young child’s questions about death and grief. Evan’s Gramma answers his questions as simply and honestly as possible and shares a hopeful story that was told to her by her mother. The story itself is engaging but it also models how parents and caretakers of young children can talk about death and grief, not necessarily only after a death occurs. Resources and suggestions are included after the story. The illustrations are captivating and have a gentle  sweetness about them. Appropriate for children 3-6 but also a story enjoyed by all ages.

Lastin Words book by Claire B Willis

by Kate Shand

When 14-year-old John Peter made the tragic decision to end his life by hanging himself, he left behind a devastated family who grappled not only with coping with the overwhelming loss of a beloved son and brother, but also coming to terms with the incomprehensible choice he made that afternoon. An engaging story of unbearable sadness and grief, this searing memoir is also a journey of strength and courage. Ultimately, it is the story of a boy and of a mother’s survival in the aftermath of the suicide of her child.

Lastin Words book by Claire B Willis

Creative Grieving
by Elizabeth Berrien

Within a 20-month period Elizabeth Berrien endured the loss of her stillborn son and the subsequent death of her husband on active duty in Afghanistan. She found herself a 27-year-old widow, whose life had been shattered. In this book, she shares her own experiences, insights, wisdom, and even joy gathered on her own journey from grief to hope. It is a journey at times painful, at times lonely, at times unexpectedly humorous. Through the use of an innovative grief model called The Model of Heart-Centered Grief, we are given an intimate and useful perspective of how the grief journey unfolds in her life. A community of women’s voices are included throughout, providing pieces of “Hip Chick Wisdom” for the griever’s soul. Creative Hip Chick Tools are also provided, along with a comprehensive list of helpful resources, to assist the reader in processing grief in an integrative way.

Book cover of Grief + Creativity Prompts Vol 1 by kara lc jones

Grief + Creativity Workbook, Vol. 1
by CGS Co-Founder Kara L C Jones

This collection of creative grief prompts leads you through various ideas for externalizing and exploring your grief experiences. It includes prompts like Shadows + Monsters; Responsibility vs. Response-Able; Curiosity; Any way vs. No way; Unpacking the bag and more. You’ll be guided through the prompt idea, given one person’s example of one possible way to go with the idea, and then prompted to explore in your own unique way about your own unique experience of grief.

Book cover for Grief + Creativity prompts vol 2 by kara l c jones

Grief + Creativity Workbook, Vol. 2
by CGS Co-Founder Kara L C Jones

In this *second* collection of grief + creativity prompts, you are offered various ideas for how to externalize and explore your personal grief experiences, and this Vol. II includes worksheets like Stop Stopping Yourself; Interviewing Your Resistances; Digging in the…; Rage against…; Small is all I can handle and more. Each section of the workbook guides you through the prompt idea, gives one person’s example of one possible way to go with the idea, and then prompts you to explore in your own unique way about your own unique experience of grief.

Lastin Words book by Claire B Willis

by Karen O. Johnson

A comfort book for anyone living with loss, Griefabet: Everyday Letters to Wrap Around Your Heart, guides readers from A to Z along their grief journey. Griefabet™ is ideal for personal use, utilization as a counseling tool for professionals or as a heartfelt gift for loved ones experiencing grief.

Tandy Elisala Alum Author Book Cover

Healing Through the Chaos: Practical Care Giving
by Tandy Elisala

Healing Through the Chaos is about how Tandy became an unexpected caregiver for both parents simultaneously while going through cancer and raising 3 kids as a single parent. Tandy’s story of love, hope, courage, family, grief and gratitude is one for all families. Tandy offers key lessons learned and a family action guide to be a resource for others.

Tandy Elisala Alum Author Book Cover

The Hollowed Heart
by Deb Buehler & Louise Dunn

As a professional writer, the first thing Deb Buehler did after the deaths of her parents was look for a way to write about her losses. Together with co-author Louise Dunn they invited women across the country to tell their stories of grief and loss. With each essay as a starting point, the co-authors were able to address themes of authentic mourning specifically written for women. Chapters also include gentle reminder for the mourner’s soul, self-coaching strategies and sacred rituals.

Lastin Words book by Claire B Willis

Lasting Words: A Guide to Finding Meaning Toward the Close of Life
by Claire B. Willis, MA, MSW, M.Ed.

Words never matter more than they do at the end of life. Expressions of joy and sorrow, the desire to connect with loved ones who may be emotionally far away, the seeking of comfort for oneself and strength for others: All are present when time is short. But perhaps most pressing is the search for meaning. That meaning can be found through writing. Based on research and the author’s experience working with profoundly ill people, Lasting Words focuses on special end-of-life concerns. Claire guides the writer through a personal Journey to Gratitude, Hope, Forgiveness, Wisdom, Prayer and ultimately, Endings. Filled with true stories, illustrated with evocative photographs, interspersed with pertinent poems and quotations, Lasting Words creates a living legacy for every person who uses it.

Dark blue book cover of Opening to Grief

Opening to Grief: finding your way from loss to peace
by Claire B. Willis, MA, MSW, M.Ed.

All of us, at some time, experience heartbreaking loss. Alone, shocked, and confused, we are no longer tethered to the life we had, and do not yet recognize a new landscape for our days. Opening to Grief: Finding Your Way From Loss to Peace is a guide to this tender time.

With the demeanor and tone of a loving friend, the book rebuts a prevailing idea that grief moves in stages, and instead offers intimacy and an invitation to turn toward and be with all the emotions and sensations that arise, however long grieving takes and in whatever ways are most healing for you. If you open to any page, you’ll enter the book’s uplifting flow and know that you’re not alone on your journey to wholeness.

Lastin Words book by Claire B Willis

Reiki Healing Energy
by Janice Lodato, MA, RMT

Do you want to learn more about Reiki and what it’s like to practice this light touch therapy from Japan? The Reiki Healing Energy eBook is a compilation of writings about Reiki and related topics. It covers some material from Janice’s Reiki classes as well as reflections on experiences with emotions and everyday challenges.

Book cover image for book Remembering For Good by Cath Duncan

Remembering For Good
by CGS Co-Founder Cath Duncan

Throughout this workbook you’ll find self-coaching questions to guide you to new, more liberating perspectives that will help you to find the peace, love, belonging, meaning and joy that you’ve been longing for.

Book cover for Untangle Your Grief book by Cath Duncan

Untangle Your Grief
by CGS Co-Founder Cath Duncan

Wholehearted living after loss is an act of creativity, and reflection, journaling, and art-making are effective and enjoyable ways to explore your grief experiences and channel your creativity into creating a beautiful and meaningful life after (and even with) loss.

All of the books in the QUESTIONS + ART AFTER LOSS series include a discussion on how to engage with questions and art-making for the purposes of making meaning, as well as instructions for 3 practices for developing important skills that will help you to make real change that lasts.

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