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Who are your grief support session notes for?

Our students often ask for recommendations on the “best way” to take notes during or after grief support conversations. We love that the main concern that question seems to come out of is something along the lines of, “How do I be both a diligent note-keeper, and also be fully present in my conversations and […]

What if you made humility central to your grief support approach?

“Narrative humility allows clinicians to recognise that each story we hear holds elements that are unfamiliar – be they cultural, socio-economic, sexual, religious, or idiosyncratically personal. Assuming that our reading of any patient’s story is the definitive interpretation of that story is to risk closing ourselves off to its most valuable nuances and particularities.” (DasGupta, […]

Who do you think you are?

As grief support practitioners, we’re having conversations and working creatively with our clients in ways that we hope will help our clients to explore their grief and to make meanings that are comforting, sustaining, and hopeful, after loss. Contrary to popular and traditional ideas of therapists and such, we are not a blank and objective […]

Expanding definitions of grief and the grief support we can offer

Grief can be a part of the experience of so many different kinds of losses, not just the death of a loved one. And yet, very few other kinds of losses are ever validated in our society, and we don’t really have social rituals for them, sympathy cards, or support services. The lack of social […]

Another Podcast: Kara Jones, Studio Co-Founder, on To Grieve

Co Founder Kara Jones featured on podcast To Grieve

Introduction Creative Grief Studio Co-Founder Kara Jones and To Grieve host Will Daddario of Inviting Abundance shared a conversation exploring the language of grief, intersections of grief and social justice and more on this podcast. Kara also shared more with us in the interview below about what it is like to be a guest on a […]

Podcasts: Spotlight Interview with Kara Jones, Studio Co-Founder, on Grief Out Loud

Co Founder Kara Jones on Dougy Center podcast

Introduction Creative Grief Studio Co-Founder Kara Jones had a chance to talk with Jana DeCristofaro from the Dougy Center on their podcast Grief Out Loud. In this broadcast, Kara and Jana talk about how things like curiosity and awareness around social justice issues are a part of Creative Grief Support outreach. Kara offered a few […]

Guest Post: Embodied Grief by Janice Lodato

Embodied Grief: Introduction A client of mine recently arrived at my office limping from a severe pain in her left ankle. She said she didn’t fall or twist or do anything unusual. It was a nagging pain that kept getting worse. When we talked more about it she explained that it was not just in […]

Want to know more about our Certification Program?

You are invited We know that you really want to be good at what you do, and make a difference in people’s lives. If you want to be a highly effective helping professional, it’s vital to understand grief. Grief is powerful and it can really get our clients “stuck” in the midst of change – […]

Is it solitude or loneliness?


Research consistently shows that people who have compassionate social support and a sense of belonging cope much better after loss, so we certainly have a responsibility to explore with our clients what their experiences are of social support. Social location and preference awareness We also need to be aware of Modern Western social discourses of […]

The challenges of fear after loss


Sometimes we’re asked by grief support professionals why we don’t teach Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ “5 stages of grief” model in our Creative Grief Support Certification course. One of the reasons for this is because of what Kubler Ross’ model leaves out. With its focus on identifying 5 common emotional themes that people might experience after […]