Is this course just about visual artmaking?

colorful rectangle w blue circle that reads white text saying "faq vlog: when you say creativity does that mean visual art making only?"

In the past, we’ve done vlog replies to various questions you’ve asked us about our offerings, but we’ve done those vlogs out on social media. As we’ve watched various social media platforms crumble, we’ve made the choice to move our content in-house here to our Articles so that we are assured of your access to these answers. This vlog originally appeared on Tik and so it has the captions embedded in the video. And this one answered the question:

“When you say creativity, do you mean just visual art making? Or is there more to it?”

Thanks for your great questions! Email us here if you have other questions you’d like to see us answer or if you want more follow up information.

Please note that any dates mentioned in the video are not necessarily relevant now as we run the course consistently twice a year and read applications on a rolling basis year round. So if you “missed” the dates mentioned, it’s not a big deal. You can still do an application today to apply for a seat in our next upcoming Spring or Fall session.


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