Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner Jess Ryan says…

“I initially had some hesitation signing up for this course because I have not experienced grief in the form of loss of a close loved one. However, I saw so many parallels between grief due to bereavement and my own grieving over losses due to depression and progressive illness. Something was drawing me to this course and I am so glad I listened.

“The material applied to my situation, as it honestly applies to my entire life. The content is so incredibly rich and deep. The course materials are of top-notch quality and the teachers bring authenticity, experience, and love to this work. Every week the calls were intimate, engaging, meaningful, and full of ideas and tools to ponder and apply. The homework was challenging, and the time and emotion I put in was greatly rewarded with brand new insights and perspectives. The discovery and exploration of shame alone was an eye-opening and life-changing experience.

“I have taken many courses and certifications, and can truly say that this is the most powerful and fulfilling. I leave this course with new relationships, exciting possibilities, and a vault of invaluable resources to return to again and again.

Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner & Support Coach for Moms, Jess Ryan

If this sounds like an online learning experience you’d like to have, check out our Certification in Creative Grief Support.


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