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Want to know more about our Certification Program?

You are invited We know that you really want to be good at what you do, and make a difference in people’s lives. If you want to be a highly effective helping professional, it’s vital to understand grief. Grief is powerful and it can really get our clients “stuck” in the midst of change – […]

The challenges of fear after loss


Sometimes we’re asked by grief support professionals why we don’t teach Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ “5 stages of grief” model in our Creative Grief Support Certification course. One of the reasons for this is because of what Kubler Ross’ model leaves out. With its focus on identifying 5 common emotional themes that people might experience after […]

The answers don’t matter


At some point in our 4 months together, there is always a discussion about the grief support practitioner’s role. Is it okay to give advice? What is it that people are really coming to us for and hoping to get out of our time together? Is it okay if we too are struggling with aspects […]