The challenges of fear after loss


Sometimes we’re asked by grief support professionals why we don’t teach Elizabeth Kubler Ross’ “5 stages of grief” model in our Creative Grief Support Certification course. One of the reasons for this is because of what Kubler Ross’ model leaves out. With its focus on identifying 5 common emotional themes that people might experience after […]

Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner Carla Harvey says…

Carla Harvey Online Learning Testimonial

“As a former funeral director, I was taught to handle my client’s grief in a very old school way that had been deemed “the way.” Through this course my eyes have been opened to a much more human approach to dealing with death, not only for myself, but my clients. This course was a great […]

The answers don’t matter


At some point in our 4 months together, there is always a discussion about the grief support practitioner’s role. Is it okay to give advice? What is it that people are really coming to us for and hoping to get out of our time together? Is it okay if we too are struggling with aspects […]

Silence that kills, illustrations that bring new life, and grieving the loss of sex

We love to share with you the articles and other grief resources we find useful or inspirational. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed recently… Silence is killing men Grief support practitioners are familiar with the skewed ratio of men to women who are seeking out grief support. This article talks about some of the reasons why men […]

Light up the ANDspace: a holiday kit from all of us here at The Creative Grief Studio


Click the image below to get full size PDF for printing. Just to give you an idea of how one person went with this prompt, we’re sharing the photos below (click each image to see full size). As with everything we offer, please make it work for you and your vision! May you all have […]

Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner Katherine McCarron says…

Katherine McCarron Online Learning Testimonial

“My work with women and children survivors of domestic violence was enhanced by the Creative Grief Studio course work. I was able to apply so many practices and learnings when working with the loss and grief experienced by residents at Harbour House. Staff also benefited, as I shared some of those tools that they could […]

Exploring the parallel universe of loss and grief


A case study One client – experiencing his first significant loss – described his grief experience as a kind of parallel universe he’d been transported across to. We’ll call him Anthony. Everything from Anthony’s old life was there in the parallel universe. Well, almost everything. His dear furry companion Bailey was no longer there to […]