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Knitting, cemetery picnics, and eco-friendly deaths

Another few articles we loved finding online! We are so inspired by all the creative exploration… Knitting for your life! We encourage any and all kinds of creativity in our Certification in Creative Grief Support. As far as we’re concerned, enjoyment is enough reason to pursue any kind of art-making that you enjoy, but it […]

Guest Post: Re-Membering, Creativity and Ritual by Deb Brandt

Re-Membering, Creativity and Ritual by Deb Brandt

A celebration of life or memorial service can be the starting place for initiating the re-membering process. While elements of ritual are essentials so is tapping into creativity. There are many ways to re-member, honor, celebrate and hold space for a grieving family as they say goodbye to their loved one. Introduction to re-membering In […]