Learning as invention and curiosity

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Excerpt from The Creative Grief Studio’s introduction to the Core Frameworks of the Creative Grief Support Practitioner Certification program.   “There’s no universal curriculum for grieving and most of our own journey or that of our clients is a process of inventing rather than the sort of rote learning that most of us were taught […]

Thank you all so very much!

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Thank you all so much and a very Happy New Year!   All of us here at The Creative Grief Studio are sending out a huge Thank You to all of you who have been participants in our courses, readers on our blog or social media, or who have just been in touch with us […]

The Creative Grief Studio Bids “Farewell” to Co-Founder, Cath Duncan

The Creative Grief Studio Bids "Farewell" to Co-Founder, Cath Duncan with abstract background

The Creative Grief Studio Bids “Farewell” to Co-Founder, Cath Duncan   Cath Ducan and Kara LC Jones launched the Creative Grief Studio together in 2011. They were two bereaved mothers who found each other online, and brought together their personal experiences with grief and loss, alongside their many years of professional experience in coaching, counselling, […]

Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner Thola Antamu says…

Testimonial from Thola Antamu about her course experience.

“The online space was super easy to use. Because of my time zone, I was unable to attend the calls live but the recordings were wonderful to listen to later.“ Certified Creative Grief Support & Empowerment Practitioner, Thola Antamu If this sounds like an online learning experience you’d like to have, check out our Certification […]

Co-regulation, children’s books, and the nuances of suicidality

We keep finding these great grief exploration resources online. Here are a few more we’ve loved… Co-regulation instead of self-regulation Any grieving person will tell you about how central relationships have been in helping or hindering their grieving, and the research on grieving bears out the same message that relationships are central in outcomes after […]

Certified Creative Grief Support Practitioner Gwen Suesse says…

“The lightbulb moment I experienced about the role of shame was worth the price of the course all by itself! That single thought changed my point of view, and helped me immeasurably. So many of the things we read will also enhance my regular coaching practice. I could go on and on . . . […]

Loneliness, the pain of feeling nothing, and validating bereaved fathers’ grief

Feeling so much, feeling nothing, and understanding social location…we keep finding so many great resources online exploring aspects of grief experience. Here are a few we’ve loved… The health risks of loneliness We all know that loneliness is psychologically painful, and the grief research shows that social isolation is the biggest risk factor for poor […]

Who are your grief support session notes for?

Our students often ask for recommendations on the “best way” to take notes during or after grief support conversations. We love that the main concern that question seems to come out of is something along the lines of, “How do I be both a diligent note-keeper, and also be fully present in my conversations and […]