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HIV/AIDS, Grief, and Culture in the Kenyan Luo Community: A Conversation With Gordon Nyabade

Here at the Studio We were so pleased to welcome our first Kenyan into our community of students of Creative Grief Support! Gordon Nyabade, from Kenya in Africa, joined our September 2016 class. We’re delighted to have awarded Gordon with a Creative Grief Studio scholarship, as one small way to support the very important and […]

The Poetry of Grief: One of Many Creative Mediums

Many Mediums Often when we speak of using creativity in grief support, people assume that we mean painting and drawing. While the visual arts are one very accessible way of employing creativity (especially painting and drawing, but there are many other visual art forms), in our Certification in Creative Grief Support, we teach that there […]

Articles we loved: running as therapy, grief rules for widows, and children as grief experts

Running as therapy We loved learning about psychotherapist, Sepideh Saremi’s, approach of combining running with therapy. What a great way to combine physical exercise and care for the body with supportive conversations. Of course some clients won’t be fit enough to run, and your grieving clients may just not have the energy for that. But […]

Spotlight Interview with Megan Devine + giveaway

Creative conversation with Megan Click here for MP3. Kara here with the Creative Grief Studio hat on in order to bring you this creative conversation with Megan. We cover a lot of ground in this hour, and to give you an idea of the topics covered here are a few highlights: How are we experiencing […]

Certified Alumni Rob Halfyard

“After years of seeking to upgrade my coaching credentials, I finally found what I was looking for! This program is totally interactive and provided me with the best creative tools I have found to coach clients through loss and grief. Since I completed the Creative Grief Studio Certification course in 2013, the support I offer […]

No universal way through grief…

The Crafting of Grief book is one of our prescribed readings in the Studio’s Certification Course, and we cherish it because Hedtke and Winslade thoroughly come from a place of knowing that there is no universal way nor prefabricated model that will fit us all. To read our article about abandoning recipes for grieving, click […]

Pioneering Scriptotherapy in Nigeria: A Conversation With Joseph Mayaki

Here at the Studio We have alumni who’ve joined our past classes from Finland, Belgium, United Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and South Africa. And yet, the majority of our alumni hail from the USA and Canada. Knowing that grief is strongly influenced by the meaning-making in one’s culture and society, we’re always excited […]