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Holiday wishes from The Creative Grief Studio

If you haven’t already joined us over at our Holiday Photography Challenge, you are invited now to join us for the second week of it. See the invitation here, and we’ll be looking for your shares via the hashtag over on Instagram. To get printable version of the above quote, click here.

There’s no “one-size-fits-all” way through grief…

The Crafting of Grief book is one of our prescribed readings in the Studio’s Creative Grief Support Certification Course.¬†We cherish it because Hedtke and Winslade really appreciate that grief experiences are diverse, and they each that there is no universal way to grieve, nor prefabricated model that will fit us all. To read our article […]

Writing and grief…

Kevin Young put together this beautiful collection of poetry exploring grief and loss after having his own personal grief experiences. We find so much of this work to be poignant, getting to the heART of the matter creatively, exploring grief using the metaphor of writing. Check your local library or bookshop to get your hands […]