Prescribed reading for the online Creative Grief Support Certification program

Grief theories and approaches vary widely and some are almost directly in opposition to others, and we’ll explore a range of ideas in the course. Along with the course material, we will use the following materials as prescribed reading, so please dive in as soon as you’d like to get started:

The Crafting of Grief by Dr. Lorraine Hedtke

CraftingOfGrief_cover-198x300We’ll be teaching our participants about the power of remembering and ongoing connection, and the importance of grieving in community, and we’ll be showing them how to facilitate “re-membering conversations.” We’re incredibly happy to have Dr. Hedtke joining us to help our participants learn her process.

Buy The Crafting of Grief

Other readings

We will offer full citations in the course manual to other books and articles we touch on throughout the materials. Some of those journal articles will be provided to you, and others you will have the option to purchase. The information about those will be made available to you each week as you get each section of the manual in the online classroom, so there is no need for you to pre-read them now.


Does this sound like stuff you want to learn more about?

Much like any other area of counselling and coaching, the theories and ideas and tools that counsellors and coaches draw on in their work are very diverse. We know that to some people, our ideas and approaches might seem controversial or just plain “wrong,” because it doesn’t fit the traditional ideas that they’ve learned and used, while to other people our course will be like the little pocket of pure oxygen that they’ve been looking for. And as they breathe it in, they’ll feel their heart and lungs expand and they’ll begin to feel more alive in their work with the bereaved than they’ve ever felt.

If you feel a little of that heart-expansion and sense of aliveness when you read what we’ve written here and shared in our core values call, then this course will probably be a good fit for you and we’d love you to apply.

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