professional Mentorship


Various CGS Team members offer 1-to-1 professional mentorship for our Alumni and other coaches and helping professionals who are working with people who are grieving. These sessions are offered thru their private practices rather than here at the Studio, so you will need to see and connect via the details shared under each team member’s name to set up your sessions.

Professional mentorship sessions are confidential discussions for the purpose of the ongoing development of your skills as a grief support practitioner. We can talk about specific client outreach you are doing, and also about your grief support approach and practice skills in general as well as your own self care being a practitioner. We can reflect on your practice, offer ideas for supporting your clients, share ways that you can further develop your practice skills, and connect you with helpful literature, resources, and communities

While our discussions may at times dip into your own personal experiences of grief and loss or other personal circumstances that you feel might be immediately relevant to the development of your professional practice, professional mentorship is not a therapeutic service for personal difficulties. Professional mentorship does not include advice around business or marketing skills, though often we are happy to share experiences we’ve had with you if that seems like a helpful space to explore.

Sessions are 60 minutes long and offered via phone or Zoom.

Individual mentorship with Kara Jones

See Kara’s website for details about her sessions.

Individual mentorship with Lori Boyer

Email Lori for details about her sessions.

Individual mentorship with Carol Miller

Email Carol for details about her sessions.

Individual mentorship with Tamara Beachum

Email Tamara for details about her sessions.

Individual mentorship with other team members…

If you were interested in working with a team member you don’t see listed here, get in touch with us and we’ll make the connection happen.

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