Welcome ICF Blog Readers!

Welcome ICF Blog Readers!


In this 90min call, our team members Cath Duncan, Gail Syring, Yvonne Lucia, Tamara Beachum, Lori Boyer, and Kara Jones cover the core theories and values underpinning our approach to Creative Grief Support:

  • Grief experiences are diverse
  • Hope, belonging, agency
  • Relational approach
  • Potential roles of shame in grieving
  • Ethics of Creative Grief Support
  • Creativity and the experiential nature of this course

You’ll also hear a few of our Alumni – Carol Miller, Valerie Waymark, and Gail Simon Darlington – sharing different aspects of their experience as students in our course and practicing grief support professionals.

Click here to download the call

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Additionally, we’d like to offer each of you current ICF Members $250 off of our Creative Grief Support Certification course. You’ll need to provide proof of your current membership standing once your application for the course is accepted in order to get this discount. Please tell us in your application that you’ve found us via ICF eNews or blog.

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