Difficult emotions, midlife unraveling, and oscillating grief

We love to share with you the articles and other grief resources we find useful or inspirational. Here’s what we’ve enjoyed recently… The courage to face difficult emotions We always love to find more folks taking a stand against “positivity culture.” Positivity culture is the set of ideas that says that there are negative and […]

This isn’t the Grief Olympics


We’ve all come across the “Grief Olympics” at some point in our personal or professional experiences of grief support. The grief olympics is based in a myth we here at The Creative Grief Studio call “the Hierarchy of Loss.” The Hierarchy of Loss involves societal and cultural ratings and comparisons of different kinds of losses. […]

Knitting, cemetery picnics, and eco-friendly deaths

Another few articles we loved finding online! We are so inspired by all the creative exploration… Knitting for your life! We encourage any and all kinds of creativity in our Certification in Creative Grief Support. As far as we’re concerned, enjoyment is enough reason to pursue any kind of art-making that you enjoy, but it […]

Spotlight Interview: Connections between empathy and creativity with Seung Chan Lim


We discovered Seung Chan Lim when Brene Brown posted his Realizing Empathy video on her blog. That led us down a rabbit hole of his work where we found a kickstarter campaign for his book, Realizing Empathy, that is now published. Our interest was piqued. Seung Chan – also known as Slim – is a […]

Creative Grief Support Alum Priyanka Bhatia says…

Priyanka Bhatia Online Learning Testimonial

“I really valued that there is space, flexibility, people are seen as humans, learning takes place at your pace, there’s no rushing, I felt held and supported, and there was a gentleness that is so important to such work. Along with the support of Kara and Cath, the content is rich, deep, and thoughtful, and […]

Nobody grieves alone


One of the uncontroversial ideas you’ll find across many different approaches to grief support is the idea that social support matters. When grievers feel connected to and supported by others, their grief outcomes are better than those who typically struggle most in their grieving with feeling abandoned, alienated, and alone in their grief experiences. Not […]

Guest Post: Re-Membering, Creativity and Ritual by Deb Brandt

Re-Membering, Creativity and Ritual by Deb Brandt

A celebration of life or memorial service can be the starting place for initiating the re-membering process. While elements of ritual are essentials so is tapping into creativity. There are many ways to re-member, honor, celebrate and hold space for a grieving family as they say goodbye to their loved one. Introduction to re-membering In […]