Grief Isn’t Just In The Head

Modern Western Approaches To Grief There are of course many different approaches to counselling and coaching out there, each seeking to understand and support through their own lenses or set of theories about how the world is, what causes different problems, and what cures us of them. Given that coaching and counseling approaches are all […]

Articles we loved: the loss of sex, honest responses, and benefits of unhappiness

Grieving the loss of sex We’re always interested in what doesn’t get talked about, because of those themes are fertile with possibilities for making new and hopeful meanings after loss. So we just loved that this article invites us to talk with our clients about sex in the context of adaptation to the death of […]

Book Review: Life Is Like The Wind, by Shona Innes & Irisz Agócs

One of the other reasons we’d recommend this book is because it so beautifully supports individual meaning-making whilst alo appreciating a range of social and cultural meanings and practices around death and grief. The book shares about different beliefs about “where the life goes after it’s left”, as well as different ways that people cope […]

Certified Alumni Barb Schipper

“This course was highly relevant and informative. The amount of information was manageable and there were offerings that allowed me to go beyond the classroom for further information if I was particularly inspired. The myriad of articles for further reading and books recommended within the community have expanded my resource library. Knowing that I have […]

HIV/AIDS, Grief, and Culture in the Kenyan Luo Community: A Conversation With Gordon Nyabade

Here at the Studio We were so pleased to welcome our first Kenyan into our community of students of Creative Grief Support! Gordon Nyabade, from Kenya in Africa, joined our September 2016 class. We’re delighted to have awarded Gordon with a Creative Grief Studio scholarship, as one small way to support the very important and […]

The Poetry of Grief: One of Many Creative Mediums

Many Mediums Often when we speak of using creativity in grief support, people assume that we mean painting and drawing. While the visual arts are one very accessible way of employing creativity (especially painting and drawing, but there are many other visual art forms), in our Certification in Creative Grief Support, we teach that there […]

Articles we loved: running as therapy, grief rules for widows, and children as grief experts

Running as therapy We loved learning about psychotherapist, Sepideh Saremi’s, approach of combining running with therapy. What a great way to combine physical exercise and care for the body with supportive conversations. Of course some clients won’t be fit enough to run, and your grieving clients may just not have the energy for that. But […]